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Spend the lockdown learning Revit with live online training

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Online training classes have become quite common in the 21st century. However they haven’t seen such a remarkable rise in popularity since the start of this deadly pandemic. COVID-19 has completely changed the way we spend our lives. We are still able to carry out many of our responsibilities thanks to technology but that isn’t the only thing technology is helping us do.

It also offers an opportunity for you to take online training classes. What better way to spend the lockdown and abundance of free time but to enroll yourself in an online training course. There are many websites out there that offer different types of training.

However if you are looking to learn about architecture and engineering software then Revit should be on top of your list.

Why Choose Revit?

For architecture and engineering professionals who are looking for a boost in their career, FirstScale BIM Revit Training offers specialized software training for Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure.

This training can not only help professional learn new and creative things, but it can also help in giving them a remarkable push in their respective industry. When you become highly skilled and knowledgeable, high quality career opportunities are automatically attracted to you.

If you are looking for a job in the UK, check out the job search engine called Jooble.

The lockdown has forced everyone to stay indoors but this does not mean that you should just waste the extra time you have on your hands. There is always light at the end of the tunnel but you still have to go through the tunnel to reach the end. You might see many people give up, get lazy or get annoyed by the lockdown.

You shouldn’t be those people; you should take this opportunity to learn new skills so that when you head out back in the world, you are more productive and skilled than before. After the pandemic, no one will have any excuse regarding “no time to try new things”.

Each and every person spending the lockdown at home has a few hours on their hands for training courses. So it all depends on how they use those hours. The pace with which the world moves has slowed down and you should take full advantage of that.

Services That FirstScale BIM Revit Training Offers

FirstScale offer Revit courses that are 1 to 1 training sessions to its participants. This offers a great experience to each participant as they get to enjoy individual attention they rightfully deserve. Revit Live Individual sessions are ideal and maximize your opportunity to learn.

Another great thing about live Revit training online is that your trainer will have remote access to your computer as well. This means that the trainer will be able to control the software on your computer. This will provide a more hands-on approach to the entire learning process. We offer a wide range of live Revit courses online however following are three of our main courses.

You can choose the Revit course based on the skills you want to master. FirstScale can also adapt the Revit training for your project or company requirements and you can focus on the specific Revit topics.

If you are already a professional architect or training to become one, you can enrol yourself in our live online courses. This is the best way; professional architects can stay productive during the lockdown period.

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