Revit Architecture Training - 10 Hours - Basic to Intermediate

Revit Course Information

Revit Architecture Training for 10 hours - Live and Online

This course of Revit Architecture is for 10 hours and it is 1 to 1 to speed your learning process. 

The Revit Architecture course offers you practical experience as you will be able to learn everything through hands-on training. As you finish this course, you will have enough know-how of Revit to be at the intermediate level.

By keeping up with regular practice, you will increase your experience and become a Revit expert in all functions.

With Revit professionals on board, you will be able to learn how to apply concepts quickly and effectively with their help in Revit.


Throughout the Revit course, you will get to experience different tools that you can use to model in Revit. These include different practices to model and create Revit plans, elevations, 3D views, rendering, and much more. You can find more of the course details below.

This course includes a free pass to learn Enscape so you can easily create rendering in Revit with this plugin. It is considered as one of the greatest plugins for Revit as almost 85% of engineering and architectural companies use it. 

Not only will you get to understand the concepts of Building Information Modelling (BIM), but you will also get an overview of the BIM documents used in the AEC industry. These include the two major ones, namely Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) and BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

You will receive an attendance certificate upon completion of your training. This will open up more opportunities for you in your career. 


What’s included in our Revit Architecture course? 

  • Experience teachers with expertise in all relevant aspects of Revit

  • ​​Live and online Revit Classes


  • ​Access to individual learning with one-to-one Revit Training

  • ​Hands-on training that offers practical experience

  • ​Recording option available if you wish to look back on the Revit training for better learning

  • ​Continuous support through the course and even once you complete it

  • You get free access to learn Enscape, the best rendering plugin for Revit

  • You can easily modify your Revit training content to suit your needs

  • You receive an attendance certificate from FirstScale


  • ​BIM (Building Information Modelling) concepts are included in the learning


  • ​Access to one to one sessions for any queries post-training


  • ​Comes with a list of Revit Shortcuts and Revit files included in the course

What can I do after the Revit training?

This Revit course offers you practical training which will enable you to create a Revit model from scratch. As you finish this course, you will know the workflows and tools available on this software. It will help you reach an intermediate level on Revit. 

​As you keep practising and use the information given to you in this course, you will soon become a professional Revit user. 

Plans, sections, construction details, rendering, printing PDF files, elevations, and schedule of quantities are some of the things you will be able to create in Revit along with working collaboratively in the same Revit file with your co-workers. 


How will I learn?

You get to practice side-by-side with the instructors as they go through every method in detail and guide you in steps.  

When it comes to your turn to follow those steps, your instructors make sure to follow through. This way they are able to guide you if you make any mistakes and explain how to use the Revit commands properly. 

You will get practical learning and complete hands-on experience in Revit courses.


Online training sessions of Revit are one-to-one, which means that you can ask your instructor any question related to the Revit course to broaden your learning. 

Why choose FirstScale for your training?

  • ​Practical experience through training

  • One-to-One Revit Classes


  • ​​Skilled and knowledgeable teachers  

  • ​Access to recording the Revit training online

  • ​Learn about the top Revit plugins

  • Best prices available with a guarantee of giving your money back if you are not satisfied with service

  • ​Access to free support before and after completion of training

  • ​You get to choose your class timings and dates, so it is completely flexible for you. (Revit classes on the weekdays, weekends & evenings)

  • The Revit course can be modified to meet your specific requirements

  • You get complete access to Revit training and support no matter where you are

Revit Course Description

Enscape Training for Free!

Enscape produces high-quality visualisation, and it is one of the best Revit plugins for rendering.

Enscape creates quick visualisations which take less than 1 minute, and it is straightforward to learn. 

Architects and designers have included Enscape in their workflow because you can use VR (Virtual Reality) and visualise 3D models and produce walkthrough with minimum effort.

​Architects are using Enscape for design reviews and client presentations! 

​Enscape will change how your company produce renderings, and you will learn it during the Revit online training.
You may already know Revit, so check out our Enscape Training.

Enscape Rendering:

Revit Course with Enscape

Course Price



You can pay with PayPal, bank transfer or cash. The Revit Training should be paid in full before the starting the course. We offer a range of payment options to suit your needs. Ask us about your options today.

Money Back Guarantee

We provide the most complete Revit Training in small classes – Only 1 people per class. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will do what we can to improve your training experience. If you’re still not happy, we will offer you your money back after the first day of training.

Training location

This Revit training session is online:

Online FirstScale Training

Time Table

10 Hours Revit Training 

When: Please contact us. Weekdays, weekends and evenings

Group Size: Only 1 people per class



I would highly recommend the course to all those beginners like me who haven’t used Revit before and they find it a bit intimidating. We started from very basic commands and we moved gradually to more complex tasks. He’s method and teaching skills are great. In addition to this he’s always up to answer more specific questions about all those design issues that we face in architectural practice. Thank you!

Review by Aris Z.