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Founded in 2006, FirstScale provides Revit, AutoCAD and BIM training.

We are specialized in quality Revit training with small classes.

Revit is used by a variety of professionals demanding BIM, including architects, engineers, interior designers, building contractors, surveyors and students acquiring that expertise.

You will benefit from unparalleled personal attention at as we typically work with no more than one or two students at the same time in the Revit and BIM classes plus we never exceed two people in a class.


Our policy on student numbers means you get to work at your own pace, guided by an expert tutor who will work in line with your outcomes. We can adapt the Revit and BIM training for your requirements!

Revit Courses

The Revit classes have a list of topics, but our tutors are happy to answer all your questions about BIM and Revit from basic to advance.

We will focus on your learning and you’ll be guaranteed precisely tailored tutoring addressed to your specific needs based on years of experience.

You will receive unparalleled personal attention with a maximum of 1 people per Revit class.

Please tell us your requirements and we will adapt the training.


Revit Training

Revit training is a prerequisite for more and more jobs in the AEC sector and BIM technology has been in use for many companies.

Our instructors are professional certificated by Autodesk with vast experience in real projects using Revit. 

Our Revit training will improve your skills and prepare your career for future developments with a solid foundation which means that you can keep you competitive.

We can offer you more than just Revit training, we tailor the training for you!

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