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How to download SkyBox from Google Maps and use it in Enscape

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Yes, it is possible and it is FREE!

Learn How to download Google Maps 360 images and use them inside of Enscape!

This workflow in Enscape is part of our training that we provide during the week and weekends.

Enscape Training:

Follow the step by step process :

1. Download and install Street View Download 360

2. Seach on Google Maps a 360 image viewpoint and copy the URL.

or use this example:

3. Open the Street View app and go to Tools.

4. Paste the URL and copy the Panorama ID.

Google Maps to Enscape

5- Go to Panorama Download.

6-Add the path to save the image name.

7-Paste the Panorama ID, select the resolution and click to Download Panorama

Load Google 360 images in Enscape

10- Once you download it, you can use the image as the SkyBox in Enscape.

This is the SkyBox that you can download for free and use in Enscape.

Enscape Skybox  for free

For amazing places to visit via Google Street View:

You can find other links online!

This is a quick way to use Google 360 images as background for your Enscape renders.

Now, in Enscape you can add the Skybox!

See the video training:

We hope this Enscape workflow improve your renders!

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