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Planning Permission - House Extension - Loft Conversions - Drafting Services 

Drafting Services for Planning Permission - UK


We have quick drafters in Revit to provide fast Planning Permission drawings and models.

Our flat fee is £300 for a set of Planning Permission drawings and Revit model.

This set of drawings is used for house extensions and loft conversions. We only provide drafting services based on your design requirements and existing house.


We need to receive from you the following items:


1. Your sketch drawing with dimensions of the existing property 

2. Photos of your property

3. Your sketch drawing for the proposed house extension or loft conversion


Drawings and models that you will receive:

  • Existing and proposed floor plans scaled 1:100

  • Existing and proposed elevations scaled 1:100

  • Existing and proposed sections view scaled 1:100

  • Existing and proposed 3D views 

  • Site map scaled 1:250

  • Block Plan scaled 1:500 

  • 3D model in Revit 

These drawings help you submit the Planning Application. We don't manage or submit the Planning Application, so you must do it yourself.

Drawings revisions are included in the fee.

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Drafting Services for Planning Permission


House Extension and

Loft Conversion

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House Extension & Loft Coversion

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