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Revit MEP Training - 15 Hours - Basic to Intermediate

Revit Course Information

Revit MEP Training for 15 hours - Live and Online

The Revit MEP course offers you individual learning (One to One) to improve your skills in Revit, and this course extends to 15 hours.


Discover and learn the best workflows in Revit through 100% practical and complete hands-on training. You’re sure to find yourself at an intermediate level by the end of this training. 

With regular practice in Revit MEP, you will become an expert in working with Revit.

Learn how to work quickly and efficiently in Revit with knowledgeable and professional instructors.

The Revit MEP training will help you use different functions to model in Revit. Learn how to use the best practices and create plans, schedules of quantities, rendering, printing PDFs, elevations, and more. Get all the detailed contents below. 

This Revit MEP training provides you with free training on Enscape, which is known to be one of the best plugins used in Revit for model visualisation and rendering. Almost 85% of engineering and architectural companies use Enscape for Revit. 

We will teach you the concepts of BIM (Building Information Modelling), and you will receive an overview of BIM documentation that includes the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) and the BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

Once you finish your training, you will receive a certificate of attendance. This will open up more opportunities for you in your career. 

Spread the cost with interest-free instalments. Buy now, pay later courses!

What’s included in our Revit MEP course? 


  • Instructors with years of experience in Revit MEP


  • Online course conducted through live sessions


  • One-to-one, small classes 


  • Practical training and hands-on experience


  • For future reference, the Revit MEP training will be recorded


  • Free support available throughout and after the course


  • Free training in Enscape to visualise Revit models


  • The Revit MEP training can be tailored to your company


  • Receive the FirstScale certificate of attendance


  • Get to know about BIM (Building Information Modelling)


  • Email support available after training 


  • Access to electronic course material and a list of Revit Shortcuts



What can I do after the Revit MEP training?


The Revit MEP training offers you hands-on training which will enable you to create a Revit model from scratch. With our course, you will be at an intermediate level of Revit and will know the best workflows in the software. 

You will become an expert Revit by keep practising and using the information given to you in this course.

The Revit MEP training will help you create Revit drawings that include plans, elevations, construction details, printing PDFs, schedule of quantities, rendering, sections, and work together with multiple people in the same Revit file. 


How will I learn?

Practice on your computer as your instructor guides you step-by-step throughout your session.

When you start working on your Revit model, the instructor will follow through with all your steps to make sure you’re using the right steps and correcting you in the process.

The Revit MEP classes are 100% practical and hands-on.

The Revit MEP classes are one-to-one, and you get the individual attention of the instructor to answer all your questions during the training.

Why choose FirstScale for your training?

  • Hands-on and practical approach to learning


  • Revit MEP with one-to-one sessions


  • Expert instructors


  • The Revit MEP training is recorded for your future reference


  • Learn about the best Revit plugins


  • Get the best prices and money-back guarantee


  • Continuous support during training and even after completion


  • Flexible dates and times to book your Revit MEP training. Classes on weekdays, weekends & evenings


  • Revit MEP course can be altered to your needs


  • Access to Revit training and support worldwide


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Revit MEP Course Description

Revit MEP Training

• Revit user interface and commands

• Starting a Revit Project with templates

• Adding Levels and Grids

• Starting a project with Architectural Models

• Linking Revit and Cad files

• Copying levels and setting up monitoring

• Creating floor plans

• View settings – Half tone Links, VV, View Template.

• Sections, Section Box, Scope Box.


• Creating Sheets

• Revisions

• Electrical tags

• Mechanical Tags

• Plumbing Tags

• Creating Schedules

• Adding Text

• Adding Dimensions

• Creating Drafting Views - Importing CAD - Importing details

• Printing sheets

Revit Electrical

• Adding receptacles

• Adding panels

• Creating spaces

• Creating a circuit

• Adding lighting fixtures

• Adding switches

• Creating a lighting circuit

• Creating a switching circuit

• Adding conduit

• Adding cable tray

Revit Mechanical

• Starting a mechanical project

• Adding mechanical equipment

• Adding air terminals

• Adding a supply duct

• Adding a return duct

• Adding duct accessories and fittings

• Sizing a duct

• Tagging a duct

• Creating HVAC zones

• Adding insulation

Revit Plumbing

• Creating a plumbing view

• Adding plumbing fixtures

• Adding sanitary sloped piping

• Adding drains

• Adding equipment

• Adding additional piping

• Piping systems

• Adding pipe accessories

• System Browser

• Tagging pipes

Revit Fire Protection

•Creating a sprinkler view

•Adding sprinkler heads

•Modelling mains

•Modelling branch lines

Revit Collaboration

• How to work with multiple people in the same Revit file

• Creating the Central File

• Creating the Local File

• Local File best practices

• Worksets

• Synchronize files • Best practices in collaboration

Revit plugins

• Most used plugins for Revit

Enscape Training for Free!

During the Revit MEP course, you will learn about Enscape to produce many rendering assets for your company which you can use during design team meetings and client’s presentation.

Enscape is the best Revit plugin for rendering that you can use to produce 360 images and use VR (Virtual Reality) technology to show your design.

Learn Enscape for free, and you will be able to produce images, videos and walkthrough in seconds with minimum effort.






Enscape for Revit MEP:

Revit MEP Training in London.jpg

Course Price

£525 - $670 - €610


You can pay in 3 interest-free payments, bank transfer or credit card. We offer a range of payment options to suit your needs.

Email us to book your training dates.

10% Discount for group training

Money Back Guarantee

We provide the most complete Revit Training in small classes – Only 1 people per class. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will do what we can to improve your training experience. If you’re still not happy, we will offer you your money back after the first day of training.

Training location

This Revit training session online

Online FirstScale Training

Time Table

15 hours of Revit Training 

When: Please contact us. Weekdays, weekends and evenings

Group Size: Only 1 people per class



I would highly recommend the course to all those beginners like me who haven’t used Revit before and they find it a bit intimidating. We started from very basic commands and we moved gradually to more complex tasks. He’s method and teaching skills are great. In addition to this he’s always up to answer more specific questions about all those design issues that we face in architectural practice. Thank you!

Review by Aris Z.


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